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On a Spring Cleaning Frenzy? Here Are 5 Items That You Will Not Regret Tossing Out Once and For All

Out with the old, in with the new! That might be on your mind as we head into the second month of 2021. After a long, stressful year, it’s time to embrace fresh starts and say goodbye to old habits – not to mention, the clutter that may have accumulated over the past several months. Not sure where to begin? Here are 5 things to rid yourself of, so that you may begin the new year with a clean slate.

Paper Clutter

We are living in the Digital Age – yet, somehow, paper clutter still piles up. Luckily, there’s a 21st-century solution to this problem, aside from tossing unwanted papers (which you should do first). Scan any items you think you might need later, and you can store them digitally, where they’ll be out of your way.

Unwanted Clothes

Did you receive a few new additions to your wardrobe this holiday season? Great! That means you can eliminate a few older, unwanted pieces from your closet. Whether it’s sweaters, underwear, socks, or old t-shirts, pack up items in good condition to donate or sell, and toss or repurpose the rest.

Worn-In Bedding

With all of the social distancing you’ve been doing lately, it’s likely that your bed has seen a lot of long naps, work-from-home setups, and more. So, why not upgrade your bed with new sheets that aren’t worn in or stained? Toss your old linens and you’re guaranteed to notice the difference.

Unwanted Holiday Presents

If you received a few unwanted gifts over the holiday season, you might feel obliged to hold on to them. However, if you want a clean, decluttered home, unwanted presents are a sensible thing to return, if you have the receipt, or donate if you don’t.

Old Beauty Products

Aside from taking up unnecessary space in your drawer, old cosmetics can actually pose a health hazard! Using expired makeup can spread bacterial infection and, at the very least, result in breakouts and inflammation. Just say “no” to clutter-causing beauty products and toss them in the new year.

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